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Got Mask?

So (sew?) – lots of mask making going on these days, a little while ago my beloved nephew (a doctor- working his tail off in SoCal) advised us all to wear masks in public, “even if it’s just a home made one, if not to protect yourself, even more importantly to protect others”. That was all I needed to hear, the CDC is now on board with this and I know a whole lot of us have been busy making these, there are several great patterns available for download and lots of tutorials. I used this one for the ones pictured here:https://sarahmaker.com/how-to-sew-a-surgical-face-mask-for-hospitals-free-pattern/

I Like doing the pleats, it harkens back to my kilt making days 🙂

A few tips: Borrowing from my quilter friends, chain piecing has really been a thread saver, especially when it’s inadvisable, or impossible to get to the store for more.

Also, the instructions say to measure out a 6″ piece of wire for the flexible nose bridge, I used pipe cleaners which are already 12″ so just cut them in half- no need to measure. Also, it’s much easier to install and stitch in the pipe cleaner BEFORE you install the pleats. They work great and I already had a big supply of them lying around- don’t we all? How else do you make pipe cleaner sheep?

My last tip- stores are running out of elastic, but everyone I’ve supplied these masks to likes the ties better anyway- and old t-shirts cut in cross-wise strips make great and very comfortable ties- also, making your own bias tape is fun too !

Ya’ll wear your masks and stay healthy- see you on the flip side of all this! <3!!!