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Tin Angels

Working with items on hand during the pandemic has led to some really fun re-cycling projects, I have had this idea in mind for several years now and it seemed the perfect time to try it out. I used bits and pieces of leftover handwoven and knit fabric from previous projects, empty yarn cones and water/beer cans, baling wire, duct tape, pva glue, hot glue, broken jewelry, found objects, paper cut-outs and because I was concerned about pile up in landfills, spent (rinsed and dried) clorox wipes (they remind me of knitted lace). Just the fabric wrapped cones looked so pretty I almost felt it was a shame to mess them up with angel bits but oh well. Each one has a little bell hanging down on the inside, and for good measure I stuff a cloth reusable mask inside as a gift for each angel recipient. Hard to see from these bad phone pics but each one has a heart bead, a hand charm and an inspirational message. Can also be used as Holiday tree toppers if so inclined. 
It’s a whole other story but my DH came home with a mountain dulcimer last month, I have been doing a deep dive into every Joni Mitchell dulcimer song since then and enjoying the @#$ out of it so reminded me of her Tin Angel song (not a dulcimer song btw) although these could also be called quaran(tin)e angels, and of course some are fearless Fridas and Maya Angel-ous 🙂

Fearless Frida, Hope and Inspiration
3 angels- Frearless Frida, Hope and Inspire-
all dressed up to be angels
Empty yarn cones all Dressed up to be angels
Hard to see in this photo, but Maya’s message says “History, despite it’s wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if lived with courage, need not be lived again” – Maya Angelou. Middle angel carries a message of ‘Family’- I used a photo cut-out of the face of my Hubbys 5x great grandmother, painted by Gilbert Stuarts’ very talented but un-sung daughter Jane stuart for the face of family. Angel #3 carries a message of grace- my friend and very talented artist Heather Baron painted her face
Hope, dream, Imagine- All faces painted by Artist Heather Baron (she painted the face of the ‘Hope’ angel from a photo she took of me, it looks nothing like me but I was more than happy to be her muse that day. I was holding my 3 month old grandson in my arms when she took the photo and she based an entire series of Mother & Child images on/inspired by that photo. Her work is amazing!