Scrapolation- Seeing this through with creativity!

Creativity Workshop For The Battleground Art Alliance, May 2019
Photo by Rhonda Gilmour, thanks SIL! <3

I have often taught workshops on creativity, and have always included a section on diving in to your piles of scraps and odds & ends to inspire new work. I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful, colorful odds & ends left over from other fiber art projects (some would call me a pack rat or maybe even -shudder- a hoarder!) and this time of voluntary isolation has brought about wonderful new ways to turn out a body of scrap induced new projects, full of life and hope! Everyone stay safe and healthy, ever hopeful that we’ll get through this covid-19 craziness and meet again on the other side. In the meantime, make some beauty with what you have on hand – Love & E-hugs to my fellow humans!😊 (My Scrapsock pattern, shown below, is a free download at my ravelry store- just click on the store tab and scroll down to ‘Ring-toss Stash busting Scrap Sock’- or, even easier, use the link below the photo -enjoy!

Ring Toss Scrap Socks, a free knitting pattern from Anne’s Ravelry store
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