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Got Mask?

So (sew?) – lots of mask making going on these days, a little while ago my beloved nephew (a doctor- working his tail off in SoCal) advised us all to wear masks in public, “even if it’s just a home made one, if not to protect yourself, even more importantly to protect others”. That was all I needed to hear, the CDC is now on board with this and I know a whole lot of us have been busy making these, there are several great patterns available for download and lots of tutorials. I used this one for the ones pictured here:https://sarahmaker.com/how-to-sew-a-surgical-face-mask-for-hospitals-free-pattern/

I Like doing the pleats, it harkens back to my kilt making days ­čÖé

A few tips: Borrowing from my quilter friends, chain piecing has really been a thread saver, especially when it’s inadvisable, or impossible to get to the store for more.

Also, the instructions say to measure out a 6″ piece of wire for the flexible nose bridge, I used pipe cleaners which are already 12″ so just cut them in half- no need to measure. Also, it’s much easier to install and stitch in the pipe cleaner BEFORE you install the pleats. They work great and I already had a big supply of them lying around- don’t we all? How else do you make pipe cleaner sheep?

My last tip- stores are running out of elastic, but everyone I’ve supplied these masks to likes the ties better anyway- and old t-shirts cut in cross-wise strips make great and very comfortable ties- also, making your own bias tape is fun too !

Ya’ll wear your masks and stay healthy- see you on the flip side of all this! <3!!!

Holiday Projects:

Winding down after a busy Solstice season of Holiday shows and Farm work, it was fun to sit down and work on some Holiday gifts for loved ones. It was particularly intriguing to invent this mathematically complex cable design in a cap for my eldest grandson Elliot. I used elements of classic buckle braids in mirror image, interlaced with horseshoe cables.

Messing with the chart as work is underway, I always design ‘on the fly’ it seems.


Close-up detail

The finished hat on the husbeast (easier to get him to hold still than to get Elliot to cooperate ­čÖé










I also did up a quick pair of mittens for my middle grandson, he now wears them non-stop!

I re-visited my fenceline Mittens design for this project

He’s always such a happy little camper

















I did a pair of Celestial themed mitts for my daughter which have been in the works for some time, I was so happy to finally get them done:

Crescent mitt under way

All Done, and fitting for a Soltsice Celebration!

cuffs feature phases of the moon, palms have little stars


My initial design sketch, sort of pleasing to have the original concept somewhat resemble the finished product ­čÖé

Hello France!

Here is a link to Anne’s first ever French language interview, recently featured on the French knitting site┬áPlaneteLaine by MadLaine Yarns. They have also made available a new French translation of Anne’s very popular Gaia Shoulder Hug pattern, which is free to download and can be linked from our ravelry store in English, Swedish and now in French!

We are so excited to be able to add French knitters to our world of Fiber friends!