Anne Carroll Gilmourannweaver

Anne has been fascinated with color & fiber from her first memories. She grew up in Colonial Williamsburg, a living history community in Virginia & was introduced to traditional textile methods of spinning & weaving by well-known Scottish Master Weaver Norman Kennedy who was an interpreter there at the time. She began knitting at the age of 8 (working in original designs even then) & has never looked back. Extensive work in traditional Scottish Tartan Weaving has helped hone her skills and develop her noted eye for proportion & color harmony. She has worked in fiber full time for over 2 decades & enjoys working from her studio in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She has been fortunate to study under some of the best teachers and mentors in textiles; Sharon Alderman, Kaffe Fassett, Randall Darwall and of course Norman Kennedy.

Anne Frequently participates in  area gallery exhibits and art shows, offering her hand knit and handwoven creations as well as her hand crafted herbal soaps for sale. Click the events tab on this site for more info.

On occasion, her hand crafted herbal soaps and other items are available online at: https://www.altarandleaf.com/shop

This unique website features her daughter’s artfully crafted organic herbal teas and tinctures as well as other  treasures, worth a look!

Artist StatementSTA-Crest-member-Hi

I have been layering and combining unusual and unexpected combinations of color, pattern, texture, technique & fiber since I was a small child – I was born predisposed to possibilities. Working in textiles, primarily wearables, has allowed me a perfect vehicle to lend form to a constant flow of ideas. That these ideas are allowed to live, move & breathe on a human body, to become a personal statement in someone’s life and a part of the landscape that person moves in is a special privilege known only to those who invent wearables, and to me is an absolute joy.